How Do I Qualify to Receive $100 from RENT411?

Regarding the rental property you sign a lease at: you need to have found your information about the property from RENT411 prior to visiting the property.

RENT411 has to be the only advertising source you mention and list when asked ”How Did You Hear About Us?

You need to sign a lease with the property with a lease term of 90 days or more.

You (not the property) need to let RENT411 know where you decide to move as soon as you know and no later than 60 days after your lease start date by calling 1-888-RENT411(888-736-8411) then pressing 1, or click here to fill out the Claim Your Cash Reward form.

Only one check for $100 will be issued for each valid lease agreement.

You cannot have lived at the property or any property owned or managed by the same company as the property where you sign a new lease.

You cannot be an employee or former employee of the property or its management company where you have signed your lease.

RENT411’s listed properties are not all properties that participate in the $100 reward when listing with us.  The properties that do participate have a $100 icon listed on the website by their name.

Why Does RENT411 Pay Me $100?

Property owners advertise with RENT411 because they need renters to fill their vacancies. RENT411 has to prove to property owners (our advertisers) that we deliver results.

You help us prove results to our advertisers by telling each property you visit or call that RENT411 sent you and for that RENT411 pays you $100 for properties marked with a $100 icon.

If you end up renting at a property without a $100 icon, we’ll send you a $10 Target gift card as a thank you for letting the property know that RENT411 sent you.